Top 5 Tips For Being More Productive

5 Tips for Being More Productive

I’m not sure why I’ve been on such a “productivity kick” lately. I think it started when I realized that after leaving the job and having so much more time on my hands, I’m was still so “busy.” I didn’t understand it! I was almost as busy after leaving the 9-5 job as I was when I was working full time. Granted, I was getting a lot more done, but … [Read more...]

6 Steps for Tracking your ROI on Social Media


One of the biggest complaints businesses have with social media is proving that it actually works. My clients, for example, have no problem investing in social media, they just want to know that it’s actually bringing in SOME income at the end of the day. Fair enough! Many have given up social media (or at least Facebook) altogether because they … [Read more...]

The #1 Facebook Audience You Should Be Targeting Today

The #1 Facebook Audience

Facebook has far more advanced targeting options than any other digital platform out there, but not all audiences are created equal. In fact, Facebook offers a great tool that allows you to VERY EASILY access the low hanging fruit, the people who are most likely to purchase from you. Watch this short 4 minute video to find out who you need to start … [Read more...]

How much should I spend on Facebook ads?

How much should I spend on Facebook ads

This is something you have probably wondered many times...and the truth is, there is no exact formula for how much you should be spending on your Facebook advertising. It could be nothing (although it’s going to make it difficult to get your content – or your page for that matter – found if you don’t advertise at least a little). However, the … [Read more...]

2 Quick Tips for Posting to Facebook

2 quick tips for posting to Facebook

In this short video, I will teach you how to find out when your audience is online (the times you should be posting!) and how to get a great, bird's eye view of what content they're responding to the most (and which content Facebook is actually putting out into the newsfeed). Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Why Facebook Marketing Isn’t Working Anymore

why facebook marketing isnt working anymore

Facebook marketing isn’t what it used to be, is it? Organic reach is down (but not out!), promotional posts are being penalized by not reaching the newsfeed as frequently, and now Mark Zuckerberg wants all ads to be timely and relevant, as though they are part of the regular newsfeed content. Facebook marketing has changed and we have to adapt … [Read more...]